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Typically, our anesthesiologist will give you a sedative or painkiller so you can relax during the procedure. Colonoscopy rarely causes much pain, but the sedation will help you better tolerate any discomfort, such as pressure, bloating or cramping. You lie on your side or your back while the doctor slowly inserts the colonoscope into your rectum and advances it along your large intestine to examine its lining. While video from the device displays on a monitor in real time, Dr. Khodadadian controls its movements — where he wants it to go, where he wants to look — by using the controls on the handle. Dr. Khodadadian examines the lining of your colon again as he withdraws the device. The procedure usually takes 45 minutes or less and is performed at our JCAHO certified office based surgery unit located in Midtown  in new york city (nyc). Due to the preparation and recovery time, however, plan on spending two to three hours at the office. If you’ve been sedated, you will  need someone responsible to drive you home after the procedure.
Added by Manhattan Gastroenterology on Wednesday 1 November 2017
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