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Water Damage Restoration in Buffalo, NY When Disaster Strikes, Call Rapid Dry Services for Fast Restoration. Rapid Dry Services specializes in water removal and flood restoration for western New York. As experts in the field, our expertly-trained, fully-licensed crews have decades of combined experience. Since we understand the trauma that a flooded home or business can cause, we bring the full weight of our experience to bear on every project. Our water damage restoration services truly have no peer in our regional service area. We additionally will help clients navigate the insurance claim process to get their lives or work back on track.Naturally, the last thing most people want after a flood is to sit down with insurance paperwork. We have extensive experience in this regard, and can render expert aid to make the insurance process painless. In some cases, we can even bill the insurance company directly. To learn more about our services or schedule work for water damage restoration in Rochester or Buffalo, NY, give us a call at (585) 308-2264. Our Water Damage Restoration Services Water Damage Can Appear Anywhere Around Your Home. We’re Your One-Stop Solution! We offer a full range of water damage restoration services for both residential and commercial clients. The next time you have a water-related emergency, do not hesitate to call us for 24/7 assistance. • Standing Water RemovalStanding water can foster bacteria and mold, and lure insects and vermin to your home. Have it removed quickly to avoid consequences to your health. • Sewage RemovalFloods, excessive rainfall, and plumbing-related problems can all lead to sewage on or inside of your property. Trust us for safe, fast cleanup and removal. • Flood RestorationFloods can leave devastation in their wake. Aside from the removal of water, you must also restore your home or business. Trust Rapid Dry for both services. • Waste Line LeaksLeaks in your sewage pipe present a nasty problem that requires immediate repairs. At Rapid Dry, we respond quickly and get the work done. • Water Seepage and Cracked PipesWater seepage can occur when saturated soil and pressure combine to force water into your basement. We fix these issues, along with cracked pipes. • Basement Flood DamageBasements often bear the brunt of flood damage. Our expert team can quickly and efficiently restore your basement to its pre-flood state. • Disaster Clean-UpNatural disasters tend to leave swaths of destruction in the form of floods and fires. We offer a local restoration solution for all manners of disaster repair. • Residential Water DamageWe specialize in water removal and restoration, and offer a full range of services for homeowners. Call us the next time you need water-related repairs. • Commercial Water DamageOur expertise with water removal extends to include commercial spaces. If your business has suffered from a flood or plumbing problem, call us today. Restoration Services You Can Trust If you live in western New York, you have access to true leaders for water and flood restoration. We’ve specialized in this work, and our expert team collectively benefits from decades of experience. If you should ever need water damage restoration in Rochester or Buffalo, NY, give Rapid Dry Services a call at (585) 308-2264.


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