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About Shenque Acupuncture

As a leading provider of Holistic approaches to healing, James Hanlon AP of Shenque Acupuncture brings over 25 years of experience to West Palm Beach, Florida, where he treats patients with the Eastern techniques of acupuncture and herbal medicine. Treating physical pain, internal organ disharmonies, mental and emotional disharmonies, and more...


Shenque Acupuncture’s services have restored and optimized health to patients across Palm Beach County.


 Acupuncture, or the insertion of stainless-steel needles into the body, stimulates the body’s inherent healing capacity as a form of organic medicine that takes advantage of specific pathways, or channels, identified over thousands of years of intuitive medicine and clinical trials. Its treatment has helped patients of all backgrounds and walks of life at Shenque Acupuncture.


We have an extensive herbal pharmacy on site and an array of formulated and custom prescriptions for individual patients so they can readily target their symptoms and core issues. The herbs are concentrated extracts from nature, mostly plants, roots, and barks, that through clinical observations have been proven to stimulate and aid the body in healing.


Shenque Acupuncture is an integrative holistic approach to health and well-being, cultivating our inherent healing capacities.



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